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What are the difference of quality between Nationstar, Kingnight and MLS lamps?

We can talk about the difference of quality between Nationstar, Kingnight and MLS lamps in the following three points.

1. Market segmentation and market positioning.

Due to the market segmentation and market positioning of three company, Nationstar aims to the high-end market and MLS produce more of the common quality products.

When we comparing the quality of the three led lamps, we are talking about the circulating products in the market and the most conventional product in the market. Kingnight and MLS have high quality led lamps, but mostly they are used in the personalized products.

As a result, when simply talking about the quality of the Nationstar, Kingnight and MLS lamps, we will say Nationstar is better than Kingnight; Kingnight is better tham MLS.

2. Dead lamp rate and Brightness

Here are the technical parameter of nationstar and Kingnight LED Lamp.

Beyond all doubts, Nationstar has the highest brightness no matter indoor product series or outdoor product series.   

3. Warranty

Due to the dead lamp rate, Nationstar can offer warranty of 3 years up to 5 years. Kingnight has a warranty of 2 years normally. And the MLS led lamps will always have some SMALL problems from time to time, but do not affect the performance of the products seriously.

As a result, clients choose different level of products according to their budget.

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