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What are the charges for advertising on outdoor LED screen of varied sizes? 

Regarding outdoor LED screen ,you should know about the key components which affect the price of the led screen.

1. LED Module.

2. LED Screen waterproof cabinet

3. Power Supplier

4. Control system

· LED Screen

1. Pixel of the Led Screen, choosing by the viewing distance. You can choose P10, P8, P6, P5, P4, P3. The price changes a lot.

· LED Screen waterproof cabinet

LED Screen cabinet is choosing according to the site of the installation. It is divided into Standard outdoor led cabinet, front service cabinet and Magnesium alloy cabinet. Of course, the price is different.

· Power Supplier

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of power supplier, Meanwell power supplier (LRS series) and normal Chinese made power supplier.

If your screen is used in some strict environment, Meanwell power supplier is a better choice.

· Control system

For small pixel Led screen and giant outdoor Led screen, Novastar is a good choice.

For Media size and larger pixel outdoor Led screen, color light and Linsen can be an economic choice.

For long strip size outdoor Led screen, we always choose Huidu.

Most importantly, the quantity and module of the Control system are decided by the size of the Led screen.

Comparing the above 4 points, you will get the most comparative price from your supplier.

Any doubts, ready to answer.

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