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single COLOR 

LED scrolling Sign 

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Single color led scrolling sign led scre
Single color led scrolling sign led scre

Single Color LED Scrolling Sign

LED Screen Display

Single color LED Scrolling sign mainly use P10 SMD2835 LED Module. 

Application: mainly used in outdoor environments (such as the door of a bank/shop/supermarket), not waterproof, suitable for viewing at a distance, mainly for displaying text/icons, etc.

  1. P10 semi-outdoor single white product size: 320mm*160mm

  2. Unit board weight: ≤0.43kgs/pcs

  3. Light point color: 1R / display color: red pixel point spacing: 10mm

  4. Module resolution: 32 points * 16 points Pixel resolution: 10000 points / m2

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Installation of Outdoor LED Screen

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