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An Outdoor LED Screen Display installation Handbook from LED Screen Factory

Four key points for the installation of outdoor LED Screen Display

Outdoor LEDs are not the same as ordinary indoor LEDs due to their specific use environment. The Installation of outdoor led screen display must be done more carefully, otherwise it will cause damage to the display; or frequent after-sales maintenance, resulting in high maintenance costs or disputes between buyers and sellers.

The following four points are important for the installation of outdoor LED displays.

1. LED display waterproof must be done well

The display screen is installed outdoors, often exposed to the sun and rain, the wind blows the dust cover, and the working environment is bad. If the electronic equipment is wet or seriously damp, it may cause a short circuit or even a fire, causing malfunction or even fire, resulting in loss;

Therefore, from the production to the installation of outdoor LED display, waterproof is the first factor to consider.

How to waterproof the outdoor LED display during the installation process, you can consult Our installation engineer.

2,Install lightning protection device on display screen and building

In addition to the good grounding of the main body of the display and the outer casing, lightning protection devices need to be installed in the power distribution box. Now the LED display power distribution box has been matured. What kind of functions are needed, you can communicate with the distribution box manufacturer.

3,Select brightness and circuit chip according to the environment of the display

If the LED display is facing the sun, then you need to use a higher brightness LED module. Take the P10 outdoor LED display as an example. Generally, if the display is just facing the sun, then you need to use the 2 scan led module. If you use it outside the store building and the viewing distance is longer, you don't need to use a module with too bright brightness.

Industrial-grade integrated circuit chips with an operating temperature between -40 ° C and 80 ° C are selected to prevent the display from starting due to low temperature in winter.

4, Install enough ventilation equipment to cool down, air conditioning and exhaust fan

When the display is working, it must generate a certain amount of heat. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the integrated circuit may not work properly or even be burned, so that the display system cannot work normally; therefore, it must be installed according to the specific situation. The ventilation equipment is cooled, and the air conditioner and the exhaust fan are used together. In general, 20 square meters requires a 2P Air conditioner.

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