How to choose the installation method of outdoor LED display (with photo explanation)

How to choose the installation method of outdoor LED display (with photo explanation)

Outdoor LED displays need to be considered when installing, such as wind load, magnitude, waterproof, dust proof, ambient temperature, and lightning protection.

At the same time, the outdoor LED display steel structure with large area should be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as power distribution cabinet, air conditioner, axial flow fan, lighting, etc., as well as maintenance facilities such as horse roads and ladders.

So how should the outdoor LED display installation method be chosen?

1, Ordinary hanging

front maintenance led screen for outdoor hanging installation

Applicable to the single-box display with a total screen weight of less than 50kg, which can be directly hung on the load-bearing wall without the need to reserve maintenance space.

The display screen cabinet adopts the front maintenance design, and the display screen can be opened from the bottom during maintenance. The schematic is as follows:

front maintenance led screen with locks

2, LED Steel structure with 80cm back maintenance space

Considering the difficulty of maintenance of the display screen, steel structure support is adopted between the screen body and the wall surface, 80cm maintenance space is reserved, the space is equipped with maintenance facilities such as horses, ladders, etc., and the power distribution cabinet, air conditioner and axial fan are installed. , lighting and other auxiliary equipment.

3, Column installation

The column mount is suitable for the installation of the LED display on the open space, and the outdoor screen is mounted on the column. The column is divided into a single column and a double column. In addition to the screen steel structure, concrete or steel columns are required to be made, mainly

considering the geological conditions of the foundation. The schematic

diagram is as follows:

Outdoor column installation led screen steel structure
Outdoor column installation led screen steel structure

4, Built-in installation.

The Built-in installation structure is suitable for the display project that has been included in the planning and design of the building. The installation space of the display screen is reserved in advance during the construction of the civil engineering project. In actual installation, only the display steel structure is required to be embedded in the display screen. Inside the building wall, there is enough maintenance space from the back.

Built-in installation outdoor led screen

5,Installed on the roof.

The installation of the roof is relatively simple. The outdoor LED display adopts a fully waterproof and maintenance cabinet, and then purchases an L-shaped steel structure as a fixed support. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to consider the wind condition of the roof and avoid installing it at the main air outlet. At the same time, the display needs to be tilted at an angle of 5 degrees.

Roof installed led screen display

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