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Front maintenance led screen display

The front maintenance module solves the pain point that the outdoor LED display does not have enough space for rear maintenance

There are generally two types of modules, one is the front lock screw, and the other is the back lock design.

The first type of front locking screw design, the special screw can be fixed on the cabinet with the corresponding hole position through the front of the module.The current applications are as follows

  • P10 Outdoor Led Module

  • P8 Outdoor Led Module

  • P6 Outdoor Led Module

  • P5 Outdoor Led Module

This kind of module uses a design with a lock on the back. The advantage of this design is that the module can achieve a smaller pitch, such as P4.81, P3.91 and P3.1

Using a special tool, the lock on the back can be turned from the front to lock the module on the box.

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