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LED display maintenance manual

Please read the user manual carefully when using this product and follow all precautions.

1. The spare parts need to be kept properly

The spare parts that come with the product need to be kept especially. The storage environment should be in accordance with the office environment to avoid loss and damage, so as not to cause the later technicians to quickly perform display maintenance work.

2. Avoid touching the surface of the display module

Please take care to protect the front module of the LED display. Do not touch the surface of the screen to prevent static electricity. Such as human scratches, impacts, damage to the display module, and lamp beads falling off are not covered by the warranty.

3. Do not assemble the display module by yourself

If there is a problem with the display module, it is forbidden to assemble it by yourself. Once the display module is found to be abnormal, you should find the manufacturer to help solve it, or solve it under the manufacturer's guidance.

4. Correctly remove the dust on the surface of the display unit module

If you find dust on the surface of the display unit module, you should use a cold air gun to remove dust when the power is off. Brushes and towels are prohibited to remove dust; if the dirt cannot be removed, the module needs to be replaced.

5. Do not use the highlight screen for a long time

Don't stay in all white, all red, all green, all blue and other high-brightness screens for a long time during playback to avoid excessive current and power, which will affect the service life of the display lamp beads.

6. The on-site environment needs to meet the requirements of the display unit

The internal design of the display unit is very precise. Avoid working for a long time in a humid environment. The humid environment can easily cause oxidation and corrosion of the circuit board and cause damage to the screen. The ideal working environment temperature is 22℃±10℃, and the ideal relative humidity is 25% to 60% without condensation.

7. On-site environment requirements for air conditioning design

Maintain a good ventilation and heat dissipation environment in the maintenance aisle. The air outlet of the air conditioner (central air conditioner or cabinet air conditioner) in the maintenance aisle should not blow directly to the display wall, and should be about 3 meters away from the large-screen display wall.

8. Pay attention to keep the maintenance channel clean

  1. Do not cover the surface of the display unit with any material.

  2. Do not block the bottom of the display unit or the air circulation around it.

  3. Ensure that flammable and explosive materials are kept away from around the display wall

9. Regular use

It is recommended that if the large LED screen is used without power for a long time, it is generally recommended to turn on the screen at least 8 times a month and light it for more than 4 hours. In the wet and rainy season, the large LED screen is turned on and operated every day.

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