Product Introduction of Shelf LED Screen

Updated: May 20, 2019

1, Brief Introduction

This product is a led display designed for indoor commercial use. We call it Shelf LED Screen or Shelf LED signage.

Shelf LED Screen and Shelf LED Signage

  1. The LED module is a customized version of the P1.875 LED module and Novastar Control system.

  2. We have four size for this product, W300mm xH65mmx24.0mm; W600mm x H 65 mm x 24.0mm; W 900mm xH 65mmx 24.0mm;W 1200mm xH 65mmx24.0mm.

  3. It is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. The main characteristics are quick installation, independent control, and it can achieve multi-terminal control integration.

2, Product details

COB LED Module and COB LED Display

COB LED Modules for Stores

  1. LED Module P1.875 SMD2121

  2. We use the new technology GOB, which means GLUE ON BOARD. First we produce the P1.875 LED Screen as normal Procedure, and then fill glue on the surface of the LED module. When the glue is dry, a strong protective layer is formed on the surface of the module. As a result, the LED Screen made with the GOB led modules will be SHOCKPROOF, WATERPROOF and Dustproof.

  3. All-aluminum lightweight design, external power adapter. It can be installed independently or cascaded.

  4. It can be configure the cloud controller to achieve 4G, WIFI, USB and other connection methods, diversified program management.

  5. There are variety of mounting brackets. It can be easily installed in the shelves, clothes display racks, merchandise showcases, etc.


LEKLED COB Shelf LED Screen China Supplier

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