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COB Shelf LED Signage- Booming your Sales

COB Shelf LED Signage or Shelf LED advertising screen is mainly used for: Shopping malls and small goods display stores.

With the rapid growth of the domestic economy, more than 90% of consumers are impulsive buyers. Through the LED display advertising screen, all kinds of information are quickly, accurately and beautifully released on the terminal display device to stimulate consumers. Purchasing desires, thereby increasing sales and improving the overall product image.

COB Shelf LED Signage

Here is the video of the shelf led screen, which is strong and sturdy, waterproof, dust proof and shock proof.

This product is definitely an eye-catching, when your customers pass by this shelf, they will be attracted by the beating video and impulse purchases. Investment costs can be recovered in the short term definitely.

Here are the product details and design draft of this Shelf led screen.

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