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640*480mm front service led cabinet 

Back Maintenance Outdoor LED Screen

640*480mm HD Aluminium LED Screen Cabine
640_480mm HD Aluminium LED Screen Cabine



For LED Module 320*160mm

P1.0 / P1.2 / P1.3 / P1.5 / P1.6 / 

P1.8/  P2 / P2.5 / P3.076 / P4 / P5

1,  4:3 chassis design

4:3 chassis design, point-to-point matching HD video source.

2,  Die-cast Aluminum

Integrated die-cast aluminum design, 360° all-round heat dissipation, longer life.

3,  Front Maintenance

Complete front mounting and front maintenance structure, the overall installation thickness is only 125mm.

4,  Flatness tolerance

Unique alignment features ensure the video wall is perfect aligned and seamless, the flatness tolerance of screen is ≤ 0.1mm.

5,  3840Hz high refresh rate

Up to 3840Hz high refresh rate keeps it high quality display performance even under professional camera, no water waves or screen flashing, totally meet the live show requirements.

6,  Long Life usage

A long product life (100,000 hours, 8-10years), attributed to its advanced experience in manufacturing and processing management,

rich design experience in drive circuit.

Installation of Outdoor LED Screen

640*480mm rental

led screen parameter 

P5 INDOOR  320*160mm LED Module.png

P5 INDOOR 320*160

320*160mm / 64*64 dots

40000 dots/sqm; 900 nits

P2.5 INDOOR 320_160mm LED Module .png

P2.5 INDOOR 320*160

320*160mm ; 128*64 dots
160000 dots/sqm ; 800 nits

P4 indoor 320_160mm LED Module.png

P4 INDOOR 320*160

320*160mm / 80*50 dots
62500 dots/sqm; 900 nits

P2 INDOOR 320*160mm.png

P2  INDOOR 320*160

320*160mm ; 160*80 dots
250000 dots/sqm ; 800 nits

P2.5 INDOOR 320_160mm LED Module .png

P3.076 INDOOR 320*160

320*160mm ; 104*52 dots
105,625 dots/sqm ; 800 nits

P2 INDOOR 320*160mm.png

P1.25  INDOOR 320*160

320*160mm ; 256*128 dots
390625 dots/sqm ; 800 nits

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