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Aluminum Magnesium Alloy

Outdoor LED Screen

Back Maintenance Outdoor LED Screen

Installation of Outdoor LED Screen

  • Ultra-light and ultra-thin - the weight of the box is 40% lighter than the traditional aluminum box.

  • Fast heat dissipation---Good heat dissipation performance, effective protection of module circuit.

  • Anti-interference---Special anti-electromagnetic interference function.

  • High strength---The box tensile test reaches 300Kg, which is stronger than aluminum.

  • Quick installation - dedicated quick lock, installation takes only 20 seconds.

  • High precision---The box is processed by CNC, the precision is higher, and it can be seamlessly spliced.

  • High versatility - can be installed in any kit hole processing, indoor and outdoor can be used together.

  • Easy to maintain---module magnet front suction design, greatly reducing module replacement time.

  • Cost-effective - a complete production supply chain for large-scale production.

Fixed Outdoor Led Screen

Aluminum Magnesium Alloy 

Outdoor LED Screen

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