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Four Things you should know before buying Indoor LED Video Wall for Conference Room

Led Video wall is widely used now as it has several advantages over LCD video displays. When choosing an indoor Led Video wall, your supplier will give you a list of the parameter and tell you which is better. But you must feel headache with those numbers, parameters and lot of professional words of the LED Screen Display.

Small pitch led screen for indoor conference room
Small pitch led screen for indoor conference room

Here come the thing, how can you tell the quality of the LED Video wall more simply by eyes?

Here are the Key Factors you should consider when regarding the Quality of Indoor LED Screen for conference room.  

1. Flatness of the display surface

This is the most intuitive factor, whether it is a professional or non-professional customer, you can see it with the most intuitive eye.The surface flatness of the display should be within ±1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted. Local bumps or recesses may cause a blind angle in the viewing angle of the LED display.

At the same time, in the process of installation, it is necessary to ensure that there is no gap between the LED modules . Generally, the pixel pitch below P3 needs special attention to this problem during assembly or installation.If there is a gap between the module and the module, a black line will be seen when using the LED Screen video wall.


2. White balance effect

The white balance effect is one of the important indicators of the display, and many non-professional sellers do not know much about this parameter.

In color theory, when the ratio of the three primary colors of red, green and blue is 1:4.6:0.16, pure white will be displayed. If there is a slight deviation in the actual ratio, the deviation of white balance will occur. Generally, it should be noted whether white has the phenomenon of blue or yellow or Green.

Generally you only need to adjust the display to all white, then use the eyes to intuitively feel the white.

Whether the white balance is good or not,it has a great relationship with the manufacturer's craft level.

At present, Novastar control system can automatically adjust the color difference of the display.

3. Dead lamp

The dead point refers to a single point that is always bright or often black on the display. The number of dead points is mainly determined by the quality of the lamp bead. Generally, the problem of large-scale dead lights will not occur with the taped genuine lamp. There are also some dead lights because of the solder joints.

4. Color blocks

Color block refers to the obvious color difference between adjacent modules. The color transition is in units of modules. The phenomenon of color block is mainly caused by poor control system, low gray level and low scanning frequency.

Small-pitch LED displays are even more prominent on this issue. At present, we recommend the Novastar control system for small-pitch LED displays.

LEKLED LED indoor screen video wall shenzhen factory.

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