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3 Main Categories of Outdoor LED Display Module Failure and Solutions.

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

In the process of using the outdoor LED display, it is inevitable that there will be bad lights, partial black screen and other imaginations. Generally, they are problems of the LED display modules.

The following are 3 categories of Outdoor LED display module failure and solution, which LEKLED concludes for you.

1. One piece of the LED Module Black


  • Check if the power supply of the module is good, mainly to check whether the power socket on the module is loose.

  • If the whole module has color confusion or color inconsistency (but the signal input on, and there is a correct picture), then please re-plug the cable connector, because the signal transmission is poorly connected

  • If the replacement of the cable can not solve the problem, please check the interface of the PCB board for any problems. You need change the LED Module.

2, One group or several groups of LED Modules Black or abnormal


  • The fast solution is to check the ribbon cable or the power cable of the FIRST Module that has problems along the first direction of the signal. PLS re-plug it or CHANGE A NEW ONE.

abnormal of the led screen and solutions
abnormal of the led screen and solutions

3, LED Lamps on the LED Modules


  • Normally few lamps dead on the LED Screen are acceptable, if it is not affect viewing or use.

  • But if you want to repair the dead lamp, please check the following video.

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