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4 Things You Must Know When An outdoor Led Screen is Installed | LED Screen Knowledge

As a LED Screen factory, we emphasize to our clients, experienced ones as well as not experienced ones, the following 4 things that should be considered when the outdoor LED Screen be installed outside.

1, Working Temperature is the first item I have on the list. Both high and low temperatures need to be considered. Normally, if the LED Screen is installed directly outside, where the temperature will increase up to 35 degree in summer, or cool down to -10 degree in winter. We strongly ask the customers to use air conditioners to keep the whole LED Screen working in a suitable temperature.

outdoor led screen installation
outdoor led screen installation

2, The second thing is waterproof. We always take the trouble to confirm with our customers that "Will the display be directly rained?" If the display will be directly exposed to the rain, waterproof is a vital factor for the whole LED Screen project. If the LED display is too hot or too cold, it will only affect the life span of the led display. However, if the screen is filled with water, the display will be short-circuited immediately. There are no other repair methods other than replacing the new display.

3, The third thing on the checklist is the electrical cable. First of all, all the wires used in our outdoor LED display are pure copper. When installing the display, the cable of the selected connector must be a pure copper cable that meets the power requirements. Specific specifications can be consulted according to the situation of each project. If a non-compliant cable is used, it will cause a current overload. In severe cases, the display will spontaneously ignite.

4, The fourth thing is that a Power Distribution box must be used for outdoor LED Screen. In general, for outdoor LED displays with more than 6 square meters, we recommend the clients to use a power distribution box. The role of the distribution box is to delay the energization of the led display.

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