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Fixed Outdoor Curved led display

installed outside of the buliding

Back Maintenance Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor led screen billboard Steel Struc

Installation of Outdoor LED Screen

Curved Led Display

Fixed Outdoor Led Screen

The LED curved screen belongs to the special-shaped screen. The box required for the special-shaped screen is specially customized. If the arc of the shaped screen is not very large, the LED module can be used normally. If the arc of the curved LED display is large, then Special custom LED modules are required.


LED arc screens are divided into a full inner arc, full outer arc, semi-arc, right angle arc, etc. The arc design is mainly based on the design aesthetic and the on-site building environment. The key factor is the size of the arc.


Below we explain how to use several conventional curved screens:


1. If the radius of the arc is larger, the box body is made into a vertical strip shape, and the splicing installation is sufficient.


2. The radius of the arc is smaller. You can make the LED display box into the arc you need. When the LED module is spliced, pay attention to the flatness. Then, according to the geometric formula, the box can be spliced ​​together. The steel structure is based on The box curvature is designed and manufactured.


3. If the radius of the arc is less than 0.5 m, then only the unit module can be specially made, and the unit module can be made into a vertical strip, and the splicing can be performed;


4. If the screen body does not need waterproof or indoor use, the steel structure can be directly curved according to the angle, and the LED module can be fixed on the steel structure (the arc module needs to be curved when splicing).

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